What a tasty treat!

“Very impressed with this delicious cake...I ordered the banana flavoured rum cake and I was blown away by how great it tasted. Comes in a nice size and shaped box which make excellent gifts. I must admit to keeping a couple for myself though.”

— Amazon Customer

Organic, Original and the BEST

“The best Rum cake I have ever had , every bite has bursts of flavours. Love the packaging and design. Definitely will be buying more, nearly finished 12 cakes already ;)”

— Amazon Customer


Excellent and authentic Caribbean flavours! Lovely packaging, love the design and shape of boxes. The cakes are melt in the mouth with a lovely rum taste and really morish. These cakes make lovely gifts if sharing is your thing!”

— Amazon Customer


Mama Brown’s cake a must on your Christmas list

“Beautiful packaged & the most delicious cake, moist & morish, you just want to keep eating mama Brown’s cake!!’

— Amazon Customer

Delicious and moist, key lime flavour is a must try!

“I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw key lime flavour, but thought I would try something new... I was totally blown away! The cake has a lovely flavour, is moist and can be eaten as a snack or dessert with ice cream or custard. I am ordering another box now.”

— Amazon Customer


Absolutely Delicious.

“These are amazingly delicious, one must try. There is nothing like them, I travel across the globe but I have not come across such cakes. Wish I could give 6 stars.”

— Amazon Customer

Perfect for home pudding or to give as a gift

“Delicious cakes. Golden was our favourite. They come in a size perfect for family pudding or as gifts. Nice packaging too!”

— Amazon Customer

Dr. Brown has developed a range of finely packaged products that are fit for the international market. The launch will be the start of a great new venture that has the potential to develop into one of the finest companies that we can be very proud of. It’s a great example of what’s possible and Jamaica welcomes this foreign investment, particularly from a valuable member of our Diaspora here in the UK.
— The Jamaican High Commissioner to the UK, His Excellency Seth George Ramocan


This is an outstanding project

“That we are happy to see launched, as it includes the use of Jamaican produce, and the products are made in Jamaica specifically for the UK. This not only ensures an authentic Jamaican experience, but provides opportunities for local farmers and manufacturers to access a new market by doing business with another company. We anticipate great success for Marshall & Brown, and we look forward to seeing the company’s future developments in the United Kingdom.” 

— Laurence Jones, Manager European Region and Spokesperson for JAMPRO


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